Gold Medal Staff-Behind the Scenes of Urban Construction Project Heroes
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2003年毕业于福州大学工程类专业,市城投公司工程科水电管理员。 Zheng Jianzhang, a member of the Communist Party of China, an engineer, graduated from Fuzhou University in 2003 with a major in engineering, and is a hydropower administrator in the engineering department of the City Investment Corporation.

At the beginning of 2016, the first phase of the Longyan Avenue South section, which was led by Zheng Jianzhang, served as an important passageway for the “Westward Expansion and Southward Expansion” of Longyan's central urban area, and the project construction work had a heavy responsibility. 110KV曹圣线#8塔、35KV曹励II线#10塔、35KV曹特I线#1杆 必须迁改。 A number of important power grids have been set up around the project, of which 110KV Cao Sheng Line # 8 Tower, 35KV Cao Li II Line # 10 Tower, and 35KV Cao Te I Line # 1 Pole must be relocated. 4-6个月, 即使是平时与电力部门长期对接工作的郑建漳深知, 无特殊情况下,一年时间才有希望完成迁改工作,但市政府城建工作不能等一年,杆线迁改工作刻不容缓,项目建设任务刻不容缓。 These lines follow the normal procedures, from site investigation to determination of plans, and approval by eight departments, including planning, public security, land, and mine management. The process only takes 4-6 months, even for long-term docking work with the power sector. Zheng Jianzhang knows that under no special circumstances, there is hope to complete the relocation and reform work within one year, but the municipal government's urban construction work cannot wait for one year.

“十个手指弹钢琴”,统筹推进项目审批、清场、组织进场三项工作平行开展。 In order to speed up the relocation of the project, Zheng Jianzhang worked overtime, fully mobilized his long-term relationship with various departments, "ten fingers played the piano", and coordinated the promotion of project approval, clearance, and organization of the three projects in parallel. 盯准各审批部门, 主动对接 积极配合 找准问题 真抓实干,形成工作合力 ,缩短项目审批时间; 他提前谋划,开展现场进行红线放样、勘测,做好电力迁改前征地及青苗补偿等工作,为电力杆线迁改进场前的提前做好了准备;他最大限度争取工作关系及亲友的支持,在完成项目前期工作后第一时间组织电力班组进行迁改工作,不分昼夜现场督导工程质量安全;他结合多年经验,提出在满足设计规范的情况下采用钢管塔和共塔的想法,缩短了迁改时间。 He focused on the examination and approval departments, actively connected , actively cooperated , pinpointed problems , and worked hard to form a joint effort to shorten the project approval time; he planned in advance and carried out red line stakeout and survey on site, and did a good job of land acquisition and relocation before power relocation. Young crop compensation and other work prepared for the advance of the power pole line relocation and improvement; he maximized the work relationship and the support of relatives and friends, and organized the power team to carry out the relocation and reform work as soon as possible after the completion of the preliminary work of the project. Day and night on-site supervision of project quality and safety; combined with many years of experience, he put forward the idea of using steel pipe towers and common towers to meet design specifications, reducing the time for relocation.

2016年 3月起 2016年 7月, 仅仅 4个月的时间完成 该项目 三条大线路的迁改 ,并广为行业同仁所称颂。 With the coordination and efforts of many parties, from March 2016 to July 2016, the relocation of the three major lines of the project was completed in only 4 months , and was widely praised by colleagues in the industry. 2016年底顺利实现通车时,他欣慰地表示:不敢辜负了市委、市政府的重托啊! When the first phase of the Longyan Avenue South section was successfully opened to traffic at the end of 2016, he said with relief: he did not dare to live up to the heavy trust of the municipal party committee and municipal government!

岩大桥、海关交通节点、邮政交通节点、天马东路延伸段、天马东路延伸段、 “三桥一路”、华莲路恒兴绿景人行天桥......龙岩城区内大大小小的项目, 郑建漳同志不知道做了多少这样类似的工作。 Longyan Bridge, Customs Transportation Node, Post Traffic Node, Tianma East Road Extension, Tianma East Road Extension, "Three Bridges and One Road", Hengxing Green View Pedestrian Bridge on Hualian Road ... For small projects, Comrade Zheng Jianzhang did not know how many similar jobs were done.

“24小时待机”,他们默默无闻,无私奉献,从不将自己做的工作作为夸夸其谈的资本,郑建漳同志就是这样一群人中一个。 There are too many such urban construction people. The time limit for commuting to and from work every day seems to him to be non-existent. It is always a "24-hour standby". They are obscured, selflessly dedicated, and never use their work as a capital of exaggeration. Zheng Comrade Jianzhang is one of such a group. 10年里, 郑建漳同志的脸上从没皱过眉,跟同事交流总是笑脸迎人,工作之余也总不忘开个玩笑。 During the 10 years of his work, Comrade Zheng Jianzhang never frowned, always smiling and welcoming people when he communicated with his colleagues, and he never forgot to make a joke after work. “金牌员工”推介人选,需要配合起草先进事迹时,郑建漳同志笑着说,自己是个只会干,不会讲的人,还是把荣誉让给别人。 When he learned that he was rated as a "Gold Medal Employee" by the company , and needed to cooperate in drafting advanced deeds, Comrade Zheng Jianzhang smiled and said that he was a person who could only do it and not speak, and still gave honor to others.

从原来一年内负责几个项目到十几个、二十几再到今年的三十六个项目水电工程, 郑建漳同志已然 成长为一名领导放心、独当一面的优秀员工。 After 10 years of ups and downs, 10 years of hard work, from several projects in one year to dozens, twenties, and thirty-six hydropower projects this year, Comrade Zheng Jianzhang has grown into a leader who is assured and independent. Excellent staff.